Nemesis eH2O offers 99.99% pathogen kill …

but what does that mean?


  • If you spray a million target micro-organisms with a 99.9% kill disinfectant; 1,000 will remain.
  • If you spray a million target micro-organisms with a 99.99% kill disinfectant; just 100 will remain.
  • So, Nemesis eH2O is 100 times more effective than many common disinfectants!

Comparing disinfectants

The purpose of disinfectants is to destroy the micro-organisms that cause infectious diseases and the objective for decontamination is to reduce the numbers of viable micro-organisms to a level that is not harmful to health.

CAUTION: Care should be taken when comparing the % pathogen kill offered by different disinfectants. Always check that this performance covers the micro-organisms that need to be deactivated. Click here for an example list of those destroyed by Nemesis eH20.

Decontamination is usually a combination of processes, including cleaning and disinfection, but the effectiveness of decontamination can only be determined when there is a defined objective, such as a specific reduction in viable pathogenic micro-organisms.

Logarithmic reduction is the standard used for quantifying disinfection.

A 4-log reduction in viable organisms (colony forming units – CFUs) is the same as a 99.99% pathogen kill.