Nemesis eH2O is a powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant; used as a spray or fog, killing 99.99% of harmful germs (highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi).

Even though Nemesis eH2O is one of the most effective disinfectants available, it does not contain any hazardous chemicals, so no PPE is necessary and it can be used on almost any surface – even on sensitive skin and on food and in food production areas.

Nemesis eH2O Key Features

  • Broad-spectrum anti-viral and antimicrobial spray

  • Kills germs on contact (within seconds)

  • Ideal for spraying or fogging

  • Employs unique hypochlorous disinfectant

  • Easy to apply spray sanitiser

  • Use as a biocide on any surface – even sensitive skin

  • No messy creams that can act as hosts for germs

  • Non-sting

  • Alcohol-free, so doesn’t dry or irritate the skin

  • 100% Natural antiseptic

  • Eco-friendly – no waste product or harmful chemicals, and bottles are refillable and recyclable

How to use Nemesis eH2O
Ideally, surfaces should be cleaned before disinfection. The frequency of application will depend on the ongoing levels of contamination and the risk levels of those (vulnerable individuals) that are likely to touch the surfaces. (See Coronavirus survival times opposite).

All of the pack sizes shown above provide Nemesis eH2O in a ready-to-use pH neutral solution of stabilised hypochlorous acid.

Spraying: The 65ml pack size is designed to be carried in a pocket or handbag to facilitate the simple disinfection of commonly touched surfaces such as hands, mobile phones, keyboards, light switches, steering wheel, child buggies, toys etc.

The 500ml and 750ml bottles fulfil the same purpose, but are more cost-effective, and possibly slightly less easy to carry. Useful for hospitals, care homes, treatment rooms, offices etc.

The 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre containers also reduce the cost of disinfectant and can be used as refills for the hand spray bottles.

Fogging: Nemesis eH2O can also be used with a fogger to decontaminate rooms, vehicles, studios, offices, shops and larger spaces. However, it is good practice to supplement fogging with more frequent spray disinfection of ‘high traffic’ surfaces.

Human Coronavirus Survival Times on Surfaces:

Surface Type Survival Time
Latex Gloves 8 hours
Disposable Gowns 2 days
Wood 4 days
Glass 4 days
Paper 4-5 days
Metal 5 days
PVC 5 days
Ceramics 5 days
Teflon 5 days
Plastic 9 days

Ref: Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents
Kampf, G. et al. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 104, Issue 3, 246 – 251

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