Hierarchy of Microbial Resistance

Micro-organism Aqualution
BS EN tests
Most resistant

(Hardest of micro-organisms to kill)
(eg C. difficile)
BS EN 13704:2002
BS EN 13727:2003
(eg M. tuberculosis)
BS EN 14204:2012
BS EN 14348:2005
Non-Enveloped Viruses
(eg norovirus, polio)
BS EN 14476:2013
(eg Candida albicans)
BS EN 13697:2001
BS EN 1275:1997
(eg MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter)
BS EN 1040:2005
BS EN 1276:2009
BS EN 13697:2001
BS EN 1656:2009
Most susceptible

(Easiest of micro-organisms to kill)
Enveloped Viruses
(eg HIV, influenza)

(2019-nCoV is an enveloped
virus and falls into this
group, therefore we would expect
disinfectants effective against this group
to also be effective against
Coronavirus, when used as
per directions of use)
BS EN 14476:2013