Many pharmacies have consultation rooms which provide customers with an opportunity to have a private meeting with a healthcare professional. These facilities enable pharmacists to offer advice and provide treatment for private clinical services such as vaccinations. However, the rooms have to be fully decontaminated between patients.

“It is vitally important that disinfection procedures are effective and fast,” explains Mike Patel from the London pharmacy group Pearl Chemist. “We already recommend sprayed Nemesis eH2O for the disinfection of hands and frequently touched surfaces such as mobile phones, keyboards, door handles, light switches etc., but this broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectant can also be administered as a fog, so we have been using fogged Nemesis eH2O to decontaminate consultation rooms between patients.

“Nemesis eH2O is the perfect product for fogging because it is highly effective but contains no hazardous chemicals, so it is not necessary to vacate and seal the rooms, as would be the case with many other fogging agents. Typically, we are able to decontaminate consultation rooms in just 20 to 40 seconds; there is no damage to the equipment in the room and the next consultation can proceed immediately.”

A wide range of fogging machines are available commercially; each generating a fine mist that is able to treat the entire room, including those areas that are difficult to access.

a fogger being used in a consulting room
Fogging disinfectant to decontaminate a consultation room