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Decontamination of consultation rooms
fogging disinfectant
Fogging disinfectant to decontaminate a consultation room

Many pharmacies have consultation rooms which provide customers with an opportunity to have a private meeting with a healthcare professional. These facilities enable pharmacists to offer advice and provide treatment for private clinical services such as vaccinations. However, the rooms have to be fully decontaminated between patients.

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Decontaminating taxis and other confined spaces

Today on LBC radio, Adrian Gee-Turner explained the ways in which taxis can be decontaminated by fogging with Nemesis eH2O. The fogging of disinfectant removes contamination from surfaces and the air within confined spaces, and is particularly advantageous where some of the surfaces are difficult to access. In the following blog, Adrian explains the advantages of using Nemesis eH2O (hypochlorous acid, HOCl) as a fogging agent:

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Tennis players advised to ‘take hand sanitizer’
Following the relaxation of lockdown rules to allow the playing of tennis, the LTA has published a document entitled: ‘Guidance for Players – COVID-19: Return to Restricted Play’ which outlines guidance for playing in England. The advice includes a requirement to ‘Take a hand sanitizer,’ and disinfectant manufacturer Adrian Gee-Turner suggests choosing a sanitiser which is able to disinfect both hands and surfaces.

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Statement on the use of Nemesis eH2O in fighting COVID-19
Around the world, countries are seeking effective ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and the disinfection of surfaces (including skin) is one of the most important measures that can be undertaken. However, when choosing a disinfectant or hand sanitiser, it is important to check that it is fit for purpose. (See separate article on the importance of reading the label)
The word COVID-19 represents Corona (CO) Virus (VI) Disease (D) and 19(2019) is the year that the first cases were detected – in China’s Wuhan City, which was eventually locked down on 23rd January 2020. Wuhan had 11 million inhabitants, but tens of millions of citizens in nearby cities were also locked down.

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UPDATED! Download our FREE COVID-19 e-mail footer

Every now and then, we all need a polite reminder of the key measures we can implement as our personal contribution to the fight against COVID-19. The suppliers of the disinfectant NEMESIS eH2O have therefore designed a small banner that anyone is free to download for use as an email footer, on websites, posters etc.

Just click on the download links below to download a version with, or without, the Nemesis logo.

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